Holed is a putting system that provides you with the ability to hit putts with the correct Pace every time! Holed can be learnt in less than 60 mins! Try risk free with our Putter back guarantee!!

Let's face it, Putting is hard!

Golfers everywhere know that putting is the most important part of the game, but also the hardest. You can spend hours on the driving range, but if your putting is off then you won't score well. Holed is the solution to your putting woes. Holed tells you exactly how far you will hit each putt, so there is no guesswork involved. With this system, you'll be able to sink more putts and cut your handicap dramatically.

Holed is an easy to understand system that removes the need for feel or touch around the greens. The Holed system will help you achieve the following:

  • eliminate 3-putts and

  • reduce the overall number of putts by up-to 10 strokes

Golfers spend hundreds of hours practicing to reduce their handicap by 2-3 shots in a year. Holed can reduce your handicap by a minimum of 5 strokes. It takes 60 minutes to master and the only thing stopping your handicap from reducing is how many rounds you can play! If you want to reduce your handicap then click here now!

The Holed Guarantee - we are so confident in the system that for the next 100 customers* we will give $200 towards a new putter if your putting doesn't improve within 6 months - that's $50 more than the system costs!! That's how much we believe in the system!!

*Once the allocation has been exhausted the guarantee no longer applies for new customers and will be removed from the website.

Putting involves 4 key elements:
  • Pace

  • Reading the Green

  • Alignment

  • Starting Line

For putts over 6ft, Pace is key to both holing more putts and avoiding three-putts which is key for amateur golfers.

Having the correct pace ensures two things:

  • the ball can use the entirety of the hole. The faster the putt the smaller the hole becomes. 

  • if the line isn't correct then it leaves you with the shortest possible next putt i.e. avoids three-putts.

The Holed system provides you with a simple easy-to-use process to apply to all putts. This ensures you are comfortable over putts of any distance.
Holed removes the need to "feel" the speed of a putt or "trust" your body to hit the correct putt. We use systems throughout golf from different irons for different distances to the "clock" for wedge distances. Now you have a system to apply to putts of any distance.

See below for research on this topic:

The video below from Decade founder Scott Fawcett goes into more detail on the impact pace has on the relative size of the cup and how it can play a large part on on the shortest of putts.


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