Holed is an easy to learn system which when applied will enable you to consistently hit putts at the correct pace. It is a two part system:

  • 5 mins to understand Part 1

  • 15-30 mins of practice at the course or at home to master Part 1

  • 5 mins to understand Part 2

  • 15 mins to apply Part 2 at the course or at home to ensure you fully understand it

To completely master the system takes only 1 hour. Can you spare 60 mins to reduce your handicap by at least 5 strokes? If so click here now!

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Holed came about as I was frustrated hearing that I simply needed to "feel" how hard to hit a putt or that my body would "just know" how hard to hit the ball. After 30 years of playing golf, and countless three putts from 15 feet (and closer!), I realised my body did not "feel" or "just know" how hard to hit a putt.

Three years ago I began tracking my golf statistics using Mark Broadie's excellent Golfmetrics app. I was losing 7 strokes, relative to a scratch handicap, from putting. After one particularly poor round of putting I decided to do something about it. I realised putting could be broken into two different elements Pace and Starting Line

To get a putt to start on line you need to do the following:

  • ensure you know the correct line, which in itself is a difficult task for putts outside of 3 feet

  • set up to that line and

  • present the clubface square. For an 8ft putt to drop the putter face angle needs to be less than 1 degree open or closed to the target. 1 degree!! This is almost invisible to the naked eye!


Even if you can do all of the above the putt will only go in if you get the pace correct. Taking the above into account I decided i need to do the following:

  • get better at reading putts

  • practice my stroke to ensure I presented the clubface square

  • figure out a way of hitting the ball with the correct power each time i.e. getting the pace correct. 

I would highly recommend AimPoint for reading putts. It has helped me significantly and when paired with Holed makes putting an extremely enjoyable task! After working with AimPoint for a while I went in search of a similar type system for perfecting the pace of putts. All I kept finding were tutorials about "feeling" the speed, "trusting" your body, etc. etc. As a system/process-orientated person I couldn't rely on my mind/body to do this therefore I felt I was left with no choice but to come up with something myself!

Developing Holed took two years and a lot of trial and error. I tested numerous different training aids and attempted multiple ways of stroking putts, much to my playing partner's amusement. Eventually I landed on a system that is made up of two components and when they finally came together it was a true eureka moment. I initially shared this with a number of my playing partners who either scoffed at the idea that someone could come up with a system for putting or have started to use it to great effect. Given its positive reception, I decided to launch it as a commercial venture.

Holed is a system that you can take to any course and allows you to repeatably hit putts to a certain distance over and over again. You will need 5 mins at the practice green to calibrate the system before your round and after that, you can stand over any putt and know that regardless of the line you will be able to hit the putt the correct distance to the hole.

Systems have been developed for all aspects of golf except for Pace Control on the greens. We use the clock system for hitting wedges, we use AimPoint for reading greens and we use different lofts to hit the ball different distances. With Holed you will now be armed with a system that will enable you to stand over any putt on any green and be confident that you are going to roll the ball the correct distance.